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CIA Cape Town News Updates! 

05 June 2018 - Plumbing Division of CIA Soon to Launch

Combined Intelligent Automation has grown phenomenally as a business over the last couple of years. Part of its current expansion is the creation of a new Plumbing Division which will be laucched soon. This division is crucial to the renovation and building business and an area of expertise that cannot be left to chance. A fully certified plumber will become and integral part of the CIA team to make sure this service will be of the same high quality standard as the other services CIA offers to its growing clientele. 

 25 May 2018 - Building in Llandudno in Full Swing

The building project in Llandudno, Cape Town is in full swing. CIA team are busy with the project and carry on with the work in spite of some short interruptions due to Cape Town's recent and much awaited rain showers. Photos below show building work in progress.

30 May 2018 - Newlands Home Demolition for CIA Building Prep 

A new CIA renovation project for a residential home in Newlands, Cape Town will commence soon. The CIA team has been busy demolishing a residential building in preparation for the construction of the client's new home in Newlands. This project will carry on in the winter months but the team is all geared up for this project and will do all they can to finish the project on target date.