About the CIA Cape Town

CIA as the name implies, started off mainly as an automation company with another business partner. The renovation and maintenance was only a small and almost insignificant part of it.

However, the axle turned and rolled the wheel of the business inevitably toward the maintenance and renovations division. Within a couple of years, this once minor division in the company became the busiest, and consequently, the most profitable zone. With this shift, the automation became an auxiliary division and the need for manpower in that area declined. On the other hand, more manpower was recruited to do the increasing number of maintenance and renovation projects.  

Consequently, bigger and more powerful tools and equipment were acquired and hired to meet building projects demands.

Company Values

CIA believes in the tenet that “customers are always right” in the sense that they need to be listened to carefully in order to understand their needs and wants and to deliver such in the best possible way. 

CIA engenders among its staff the desire to provide a consistently excellent delivery of services to all its clients - big or small. With every single project embarked on, the management and staff always strive to provide real customer satisfaction.


There is no question that there is a swarm of maintenance and renovations companies out there. CIA is a small fry compared to most of them. While CIA may not be able to compete for chunks of some massive multi-million construction project, it can attend to, on a very personalized level, every project it undertakes.  And it does so with great efficiency and dedication.

Steering the CIA team is a dedicated individual devoted to delivering optimum client satisfaction with the use of good quality products as well as prompt and efficient services delivery.

Backed by dedicated building and installation teams, CIA Cape Town is committed to meet client needs throughout Cape Town and the whole of Western Cape, South Africa.

Core Team

At the helm of CIA is a very hardworking and dedicated CEO, Kobus Scriven.

Kobus is not scared to get his hands dirty, always there on the project site and often hands-on with the actual physical work. He has put together an excellent team who guides clients throughout the whole duration of the project.

The team offers their best ideas and constantly keeps in touch with the client to deliver project-relevant information, as well as provide pertinent information regarding current market trends. 

Managing the administrative job and accounts is his equally dedicated wife Jennifer Scriven.

CIA Organizational Chart

Kobus Scriven

Kobus Scriven
Cape Town

CIA is the smart choice!